Latest WordPress is Version 4.9

The newest update to WordPress, version 4.9, has been released. It’s imperative that you update your WordPress install immediately to keep your website secure, along with all plugins that will update their versions as well.

If you aren’t using WordPress yet, here’s something to think about — bloggers migrate each day from Google’s Blogger Blogspot to WordPress.

Google still plans to change the name of Blogger to Google Blogs and integrate it with Google+, so this might be the time for you to transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress as well.

WordPress – biggest blog platform

WordPress is the most popular blogging software. Over 50 million people have chosen WordPress to power their blogs and use it to create beautiful and professional blogs.

WordPress is free and it is built by hundreds of community volunteers. WordPress features thousands of free plugins and design themes to help you make your blog stand out.

WordPress is ready to welcome the Google Blogspot bloggers. A free tool has been developed to import posts and comments from your Blogger account into your WordPress site.

“Blogger Importer” WordPress plugin has been used by more than 100,000 bloggers already!

Move from Blogger to WordPress

It is simple to move your Blogger Blogspot blog to WordPress. Here is the quick 7 step process:

Install a blog – click here to learn how.
In your WordPress Admin go to Tools – Import.
Click “Blogger” and on the pop-up click “Install Now”.
Click “Authorise” to tell Blogger to let WordPress access your account.
This will transfer you to a Google Account page. Click on “Grant Access”.
You will see the posts and comments on your Blogger blog. Click “Import”.
Assign the imported posts to your author name on your WordPress blog.

Your Blogspot Blogger posts and comments are on WordPress now – welcome to the world of WordPress!

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